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Returns Policy Printedstuff4u


Returns Policy


We do no sell any goods on a sale or return basis and we do not exchange goods as part of normal operation or supply to customers. Customers are expected to check details and functionality of products before purchase as we do not accept product returns on the basis of unsuitability. All customers should check any purchased product will do the job intended before purchase.


The Buyer is under a duty to examine the goods immediately upon their receipt and the Company reserves the right to reject claims relating to breakages or shortages which have not been made in writing to the Company within 3 Days from the date of actual receipt by the Buyer of the goods in question.


No Liability can arise against the Company in respect of defects in the goods, their description, their quality, their fitness for any particular purpose for their packaging unless the Company is notified by the Buyer of the complaint in writing by email, fax or letter within 3 Days of the Buyer`s receipt of the goods. This also applies to delivery shortages


Once your payment has been processed it is not possible to cancel an order. We can not cancel an order based on the time it takes for delivery. Special order items can not be cancelled in anyway as they represent a unique buyer purchase. Printed or personalised items can not be cancelled. If the company deem it possible to cancel an order a handling charge of 20% will apply excluding delivery charges. Any delivery charges relevant will also apply.

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