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Printed ProTransfer CLEAR Adult Hi Vis Waistcoat

Printed ProTransfer CLEAR Adult Hi Vis Waistcoat

Adult work Hi Vis. Get vivid brighter more relistic colours using this ProTransfer option. White areas in your logo also printed for a more accurate represenation of your logo, images and text. The ProTransfer process produces sharper images and has durable finish. The process does leave a slight film around your image but this is almost unnoticeable. We print your image or logo using industry standard EN471 compliant high vis vests. Printed ProTransfer clear products give full flexibility to have more vivid colours and complex logos printed on your hi vis. The process involves printing on to a special pro vinyl transfer and then pressing this onto your hi vis. This allows for logos to be printed with no significant colour balance issues. This product does not allow you to have a white background. This process is designed for clients who want more vivid colour reproduction and complex logos. Please not this process does leave a small film around the outer edges of your logo simular to all vinyl printed products. There is no issue printing complex logos, shades and multi colour images.

YOUR LOGO/TEXT - Once you have placed your order email us your logo/text to: design@printedstuff4u.com

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Printed Vinyl Baby Hi Vis Waistcoat
Lightweight & easy to wear
Ideal for day or night use
Extremely comfortable to wear
Breathable 100% polyester material commands attention
Reflective tape around body and each shoulder enhances visibility

Ref: 157

Price: 1.30 (1.56 Including VAT at 20%)

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