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Printed Hi Vis Security Sweatshirt White Vinyl

Printed Hi Vis Security Sweatshirt White Vinyl

Security Sweatshirt with Reflective Security badge.

Choose between black and navy blue.

Quality & Value
This stylish sweater combines comfort and safety in the working environment.
The reflective Hi Vis tape ensures the wearer is more visible, while the fabric combining polyester and cotton provides comfort, warmth and durability.
65% Polyester 35% Cotton: 300g
Choose between black or navy.

Please note, garments with 'no print' selected will be a plain jumper with no security badges on. For a small front logo please select front print, and for a back logo select back print. For both select Front and Back print.

For any queries contact us on our freecall sales line on 08006445200

! PLEASE NOTE ! - Selecting no print means you will receive the item without badges, stickers, logos or any pre printing shown in the title of this product. This option is for the plain garment only.

Ref: 6549524

Price: 14.99 (17.99 Including VAT at 20%)

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