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Printed Vinyl Baby Hi Vis Waistcoat

Printed Vinyl Baby Hi Vis Waistcoat

Vinyl printed items allows for white printing and bright vibrant colour on printing.
This process involves heated vinyl being pressed onto the garment so colour
reproduction is exactly as you would expect and is not afftect in the same way as it is with standard
dye printed items. Vinyl printed items can not include shades, complex multicoloured logos or colour over lay.
Select from the print positions below to see the total price of your item..
Please note if no print is selected then your item will have no printing at all.
Printed Vinyl Baby Hi Vis Waistcoat
Lightweight & easy to wear
Ideal for day or night use
Extremely comfortable to wear
Breathable 100% polyester material commands attention
Reflective tape around body and each shoulder enhances visibility


Ref: 151

Price: 1.99

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