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Hi Vis Tabard Printed Adults Vinyl Print

Hi Vis Tabard Printed Adults Vinyl Print

Hi Vis Tabard Printed Adults Vinyl Print. This product is a high visibility tabard with your custom logo printed on Front or back. This is an adult one size fits all product, which is fully adustable. If not stated when you email your logo it will automatically be printed on the front. Send us your text and/or uncomplicated logo and we will print it onto your High Visibilty Clothing. The price relates to the printing of a one colour/tex logo. Call sales for complicated or multi coloured logos. To print on to your hi vis garment. Email us with details of what you want printed on your tabard so we can confirm your order.


Ref: 6549603

Price: 3.99 (4.79 Including VAT at 20%)

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