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Coloured Hi Vis Printed - Special Offer

Coloured Hi Vis Printed - Special Offer

Coloured Hi Vis Vests. Opt to have this item with printing or plain.
High Visibilty Coloured Safety Waistcoats, popular and durable. Lightweight & easy to wear
Ideal for Day or Night use. Fabric: 100% Polyester Fastener: Velcro
Please note : if printing is required we can only print text on these items. Some one dimensional logos can also be printed.
Complete with Reflective tape around body and each shoulder enhances visibility. This product offers a wide selection of colour options including :
Pink Hi Vis Vest, Green Hi Vis Vest, Blue Hi Vis Vest, Red Hi Vis Vest, White Hi Vis Vest, Purple Hi Vis Vest and Black Hi Vis Vest. Brand may vary

Approx Size Guide in inches
S 32-34 M 36-38 L 40-42 XL 44-46
2XL 48-50 3XL 42-54 4XL 56-58 5XL 60-62

Ref: 50

Price: 2.49 (2.99 Including VAT at 20%)

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