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Executive Hi Vis Yellow and Blue Printed Vest with Zip

Executive Hi Vis Yellow and Blue Printed Vest with Zip

Yellow and Blue Executive Hi Vis Printed Vest with Zip
Industry Standard Adult Workwear Vest.
Custom printed economy Hi Vis waistcoat, print your black text onto your vest. For more complicated or multi coloured logos, please contact our
FREE sales line on 08006445200.

Industry standard EN471 compliant Hi Vis vests. Send us your text and we will print it onto your High Visibilty Clothing.

Due to this product being our budget option, all prints will be in black. As well as this, please note that the maximum area size for Position 1 (first logo) is A5 size. If a larger size logo is required, please select one of our alternative products. Please select another product or call sales for complicated or multi coloured logos. Please note you must select at least one logo ( first logo ) to proceed with purchase

! PLEASE NOTE ! - Selecting no print means you will receive the item without badges, stickers, logos or any pre printing shown in the title of this product. This option is for the plain garment only.

YOUR LOGO/TEXT - Once you have placed your order email us your logo/text to: design@printedstuff4u.com

Approximate Adult Size Guide


Ref: 6549626

Price: 5.99 (7.19 Including VAT at 20%)

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